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What is Inbound Marketing?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is continually evolving and has changed considerably over the last few years. A large part of this is due to Google’s algorithmic changes. In order to make its search results more relevant to users Google has cracked down on spam and advanced in its ability to detect and remove low quality content.

It is worth remembering that SEO is a tactic and not a strategy. SEO needs to be used as part of a broader set of marketing tools and digital strategy. Inbound marketing is the broadly accepted industry term most professionals are adopting for this organic earned marketing.

What elements should make up my Inbound Marketing?

There is no single or correct way to do inbound marketing. Also, it is not just about distributing content everywhere across all channels available. The goal is to have a presence across all channels relevant to your audience. It may vary depending in your overall goal, but generally speaking your inbound marketing campaigns should be made up of the following: social media, content creation & distribution, analytics, click through optimisation (CTO), email campaigns, landing page optimisation and search engine optimisation (SEO).

Are inbound marketing results instant?

Successful inbound marketing takes time and effort. It is about building your brand online to be truly recognisable and remarkable. Google prefers brands and they receive preferential treatment when it comes to visibility in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Inbound marketing is about building that content and authority so you become a recognised and trusted brand. Inbound marketing is all about the long-term ROI and ensuring you use white hat tactics rather than deceptive, questionable black hat tactics, designed to trick and manipulate the Search Engine Results Pages.

Initial inbound marketing strategy process

No matter how fantastic your website looks, without traffic you are not going to generate any business. Our goal here is to achieve a measurable return of investment for you. Before we are able to make a start on crafting the right inbound marketing campaign for your business, we go through the following process:

Understand your business

In order to market your products and services effectively we need to understand what your unique selling points are? Why would a potential client choose you over a competitor? What are the products you offer with the highest profit margins?

Understand & research your customer base

Who is your typical customer? Why do they have a requirement for your product or service? Where do they tend to be based? What channels do they tend to use to find similar products and services? What are their browsing habits? What keywords are they using online?

Create your inbound marketing strategy

Using all the information gathered we create an optimal combination of marketing methods to target, reach, attract and engage your potential client base. The result will be driving qualified traffic to your website.

What content will be included my inbound marketing campaign strategy?

We will provide a written marketing plan that takes stock of your current position, and then lays out the specific strategies and activities that will be implemented to help your company reach your lead generation goals, within one year. The marketing plan will outline any current on-site SEO issues on the website. The plan will focus on traditional SEO techniques and improvements to your social media engagement, which plays an important role in Google’s ranking algorithms. The marketing plan will also outline all the recommended actions to take in order to increase the popularity of your website and remain top of the search engines. The plan will include traditional SEO techniques, a social media strategy, future website developments and content delivery.

The report will include:

  • Any recommended on-site changes
  • Link building strategy – we will identify high value, quality links. We will evaluate sites that your competitors are also linking from. We will also identify new linking opportunities which will set you apart from your competitors.
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Key phrase analysis & any on-site changes required in order to optimise for those phrases
  • Site crawl test
  • Rank report of all your key phrases
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    I cannot recommend them enough, genuinely.

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