Responsive Web Design London

Responsive Web Design London

After many years of just being based in the Midlands, we opened our first office in London in 2013. We have been bringing our experience in creating mobile responsive web design to London for a few years now and have been concentrating on expanding our London client base. Our London base enables us to easily meet with clients and have a “local” approach, just as we have in the Midlands.

With the rise of smartphone and mobile device usage, a website that “adapts” to the device and is optimised for the users screen is a must in this day and age. Having your website designed using responsive web design techniques will ensure that your site visitors have the best user experience possible, putting your company ahead of your competition. Recent studies show that the majority of websites are not optimised for mobile and tablet use. A responsive website will dynamically change depending on the users device and can be managed off the same administration panel as your standard website, so there is no need to develop a separate website if you are happy with your current website.

Why would I benefit from a responsive web design?

Keep ahead of your competitors: With mobile internet usage on the rise and continuing to rise for the foreseeable future ensuring that your user experience is optimised is essential, especially as users expect to find the information they are after immediately. Don’t miss out on leads by ensuring your web site visitors find what they are after immediately and easily.

Cost: Building a responsive web site is generally cheaper than building separate desktop and mobile sites.

Return on Investment: The better the user experience the more likely your web site visitor is going to contact you. A responsive website will provide your visitors with the best user experience possible.

Search Engine Performance: Search engines prefer websites that use a responsive web design especially if visitors are searching on a mobile device. This is because the best experience is presented to the user. Also keeping one website content up to date and fresh is a lot more manageable than having to update two websites, if you opted for a mobile specific website.

Easy Management: Updating a responsive website will require you update it once and your changes are updated across all platforms. Having separate mobile, tablet and desktop sites would require you to update all three versions.

If you require responsive web design in London, please get in contact and see how we can help you. We are happy to carry out a free web site audit.

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